How do I hire a Shopify expert?

Hiring Shopify experts can help you scale your business and promote your brand authoritatively and excitingly. However, the process of hiring them is a hassle, not because of a lack of skills but due to the abundance of options. You can utilize a few different ways to hire Shopify experts, and a few most prevalent of them have been discussed below.

Use Shopify experts

One of the most straightforward ways to hire an expert Shopify developer is with the help of the Shopify Experts feature of Shopify. This feature allows you to choose and hire from hundreds of certified Shopify experts. You can either browse experts by the services they provide and select the one which suits your requirement or create a job. When you create a job, you will receive proposals from several Shopify experts; you can chat with them, share your specifications, and hire them if you consider them as a perfect fit for your e-commerce store.

Use freelancing websites

Another popular method to find experienced but comparatively less expensive Shopify experts is by browsing freelancers. There are a bunch of sites out there; let’s briefly discuss a few of them.

  • Upwork is one of the leading freelancer platforms where you can post a project and receive bids from hundreds of expert Shopify eCommerce development professionals. When you create a project, you will receive bids, which you can filter to choose a suitable Shopify expert.
  • Freelancer works exactly how Upwork works; you create a project, you will receive bids, and you can select the one that you feel is ideal for assisting you with your business.
  • Fiverr is another popular freelancing platform where you can get the work done for as low as $5. Fiverr works the opposite of the previous two platforms; here, freelancers create gigs, and you approach them with your proposal. Fiverr, however, has a lot of unskilled crowds as well, and therefore, make sure you look at the previous work and reviews before hiring a Shopify expert.

Search Engines

Search engines have it all, and they can help you find the right Shopify expert as well. Just type what you are looking for, and you will find a bunch of results to choose from. Two essential ways through which search engines can help you find Shopify experts are:

  • Reviews: User reviews on Google, Bing, Facebook, and other review websites are a great source to find reliable Shopify experts. You can read the feedbacks of users and get a vague idea of what the Shopify eCommerce development company offers and how it can help you.
  • Search results: When you search for ‘Shopify experts‘ on Google, you might initially be countered with ads and reviews, but as you scroll down, you will find ranked websites of Shopify experts as well. Visit their websites to get a clear picture of what services they offer and what their user testimonials say. You can analyze this data and figure out whether the company is a fit for you or not.

Wrapping it up

You can find Shopify experts using a bunch of different ways; however, whatever way you choose, make sure you do intensive research from your side to ensure you hire the right Shopify expert. Investing your time and money in the wrong individual or company can cost you money as well as business performance.

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